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Elastomeric Tire Couplings

Rexnord® Omega® and Viva® Couplings are well recognized as the industry benchmark for elastomeric tire couplings. These non-lubricated, material-flexing split-in-half couplings are used in a variety of demanding applications. Omega and Viva have an excellent vibration damping capability, helping to extend the life of your connected equipment. They offer high-misalignment capacity, easy installation, and replace-in-place design while accommodating a wide range of shaft gaps.


Rexnord Omega Elastomeric Tire Couplings are non-lubricated, material-flexing split-in-half tire couplings, which are used in a variety of demanding applications in many industries. This all-purpose coupling has excellent vibration damping capability helping to provide extended life to connected equipment. This coupling offers easy installation, a wide range of shaft gaps, and is available in both imperial and metric.


Rexnord Viva Elastomeric Tire Couplings feature a design based on the proven Rexnord Omega Couplings. Rexnord Viva couplings are non-lubricated, material-flexing split-in-half tire couplings that have a greater torque transmission with a smaller coupling. This all-purpose coupling has excellent vibration damping capability helping to prolong the life of connected equipment and has a metric design for global users.

Elastomeric Jaw and Wrap Couplings

Jaw and wrap couplings are material flexing couplings that transmits torque through compression of an elastomeric spider insert placed between two intermeshing jaws.

Torsionally Soft Couplings

Torsionally soft couplings use an elastomeric element to reduce harmful torque impulses. Our torsionally soft couplings increase shock absorption and damp vibration, making for lower noise levels and increased operator comfort during use. Torsional resonances are shifted to below operating speed ranges protecting the driver and driven equipment from torsional related failures.

Centamax Coupling

The rubber-in-shear design of CENTAMAX provides torsional flexibility and elasticity that shifts critical resonances below operation speed, protecting and extending the life of your equipment. With overload protection, different degrees of shore hardness, and easy adjustment of torsional flexibility, CENTAMAX is a cost-effective and reliable coupling system that can be customized to various mounting and application conditions.

Centax Coupling

The CENTAX-SEC coupling system is a flexible and customizable solution for diesel-driven main and auxiliary drives that protects your drive from torsional vibrations and compensates for misalignment. With rubber-in-shear elements that are torsionally and radially flexible, and three optional components to enhance angular and axial capabilities, the torsional elasticity of each application is fine-tuned for optimal performance. The CENTAX-SEC series offers a multifaceted portfolio with precision-engineered features, providing efficient and fast customized solutions.

Centaflex-A Coupling

CENTAFLEX-A is a flexible coupling system that connects and transfers power between two rotating shafts or flanges while dampening torsional vibrations and accommodating misalignment. It is a modular design that allows for easy customization and offers a range of different materials and hardness options to meet specific application requirements. CENTAFLEX-A is designed for use in various industries, including marine, industrial, and power generation, and is known for its reliability, durability, and ease of installation.

Grid Couplings

Falk Steelflex® Grid Couplings combine the economy and high torque capacity of a gear coupling with the torsional flexibility and low maintenance of a disc or elastomeric coupling. Rexnord has been manufacturing and improving our Falk Steelflex Grid Couplings for nearly a century. Known for durability in critical applications, proven performance and versatile design, these couplings are the most frequently specified grid coupling in North America.

Steelflex Coupling

Falk Steelflex Grid Couplings are available in the widest range of sizes and accommodate the highest torque load of 8,250,000 lb-in (932,250 Nm). Offering a comprehensive set of options ensures the Falk Steelflex Coupling is the right product for an assortment of our customers’ applications.

Fluid Couplings

Fluid couplings, also known as hydraulic couplings, help to prevent shock loads and allow variable speeds. By installing Falk True Torque couplings, loads can be balanced on multiple drive systems. Motors on multiple drive systems can be individually started because of the ability of one coupling to temporarily operate at 100% slip.

Falk True Torque

The True Torque system uses a mechanical release mechanism that disengages the coupling when the torque limit is exceeded, preventing damage to the equipment and minimizing downtime. The disengagement torque is adjustable and can be set to match the specific requirements of the application. The Falk True Torque coupling is a reliable and cost-effective solution for protecting valuable equipment from damage caused by torque overload.

Gear Couplings

Regal Rexnord provides an extensive offering of both standard and engineered-to-order gear couplings. Gear couplings are ideal for applications with high torque and misalignment. Product lines include Falk, Jaure, and Kop-Flex, which offer a wide range of solutions.

Falk Gear Coupling

Falk Lifelign gear couplings are well-suited for general industrial applications. Triple-crowned teeth minimize wear caused by misalignment. By eliminating tip-loading while reducing backlash and radial clearances, Lifelign can help protect connected equipment from damaging loads.

Kop-Falk Gear Coupling

Kop-Flex gear couplings are available in a wide range of options including the Fast's® coupling, which features a lifetime metallic seal and increased lubrication capacity, as well as the Series H Plus coupling, redesigned with higher bore and torque capacities. Kop-Flex products feature best-in-class service and engineering support.

Jaure Gear Coupling

Jaure MT gear couplings are frequently selected by international OEMs due to their reputation for innovation, reliability, and problem solving. Numerous styles and sizes are available, including engineered-to-order designs developed in close collaboration with customers.

Disc Couplings

The Regal Rexnord Coupling portfolio offers users a range of solutions to choose from to meet nearly any application specification including low- or high-speed ratings, torque and distance between shaft end requirements, and misalignment capacity. Our disc coupling product brands include Thomas, Kop-Flex, Addax, Jaure, Euroflex, and Modulflex, all of which have global reach to suit the best solution for your application.

Rexnord Addax Composite

Addax Composite disc couplings are designed for Cooling Tower applications and made with lightweight, advanced composite material design to make for easy installation, increase the critical speed, reduce vibration, and extend bearing life of the connected equipment.

Rexnord Thomas

Thomas Disc Couplings are engineered for infinite life and optimized for motor, engine, and steam turbine-driven applications including general purpose and API pumps, compressors, fans, blowers, indexing drives, and paper machines. The Thomas brand is trusted for its reliability on the most critical power train systems. They are torsionally rigid, all-metal flexible couplings that require no regular maintenance or lubrication. Angular, parallel, and axial misalignment are accommodated through flexible disc packs which can be visually inspected without disconnecting equipment.


Rexnord Euroflex Disc Couplings are uniquely designed and manufactured for each and every application they encounter, providing the customer advantage of a high-performance coupling, competitive in design with traditional coupling suppliers, and an economical solution. Rexnord Euroflex Disc Couplings are uniquely designed for every application they encounter, including API 671 gas and steam turbines for power generation and gas compression as well as test bench applications.

Rexnord Modulflex

Rexnord Modulflex Disc Couplings are specifically designed for high-speed, high-torque test bench and marine drive applications where reciprocating torque may be present. Modular disc packs are easily bolted to hubs for quick interchange. Rexnord Modulflex Disc Couplings are an all-metal, flexible disc coupling featuring factory-assembled, interference-fit bolt joints unlike standard disc couplings.

Kop-Flex KD

Kop-Flex KD couplings are designed for general purpose drive system applications such as centrifugal pumps, compressors, generators, machine tools, printing, pulp, and paper machines.

Kop-Flex High Performance Disc

Kop-Flex High Performance Disc couplings fulfill the needs of API 671 steam and gas turbomachinery for power generation and gas compression applications used in Oil & Gas applications.

Jaure Lamidisc

Jaure Lamidisc Disc Couplings are an excellent choice for crane hoists, marine propulsion, and thruster drives. Lamidisc couplings are offered with composite spacers to reduce weight for critical applications. The Jaure® LAMIDISC® couplings can be delivered on demand with the 3.2 certificate of any Marine Classification Society.

LAMIDISC couplings are suitable for power transmission in hazardous areas. They are certified according to EC Directive 94/9/EC (ATEX 95) and are suitable for potentially explosive atmospheres GROUP II (categories 2G/2D).

We provide turn-key solutions rather than just couplings. With this aim, we offer LAMIDISC couplings in combination with steel or composite drive shafts and other components such as JS nuts, bearings, expansion bolts, etc.

Torque Limiters

Torque limiters function to protect equipment, prevent downtime, and save money. Our torque limiters determine when the torque is going to break and can be set at a predetermined torque setting. Once the preset torque is reached, the torque limiter will disengage and act as a fuse or mechanical circuit breaker.

Autogard Torque Limiters

Autogard Torque Limiters have led the industry in overload protection, providing proven reliability, dependable expertise and a broad range of options. Ideal for nearly every application from light-duty to heavy-duty and specially engineered environments, our torque limiters offer bi-directional protection and lower total cost of ownership, increased accuracy of torque limitation and longer life at high speeds. Our products cover a full range of torque requirements.

Locking Assemblies & Shrink Discs

Locking devices secure rotating shafts, manage torque transmission, and counteract shaft bending and vibration. Shrink discs clamp the equipment by using compressive force over diameter of the equipment to the shaft.