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Dry Gas Seal

Dry Gas Seals and Systems

We offer you the most effective solution for all the mentioned problems – Dry Gas Seal Systems (DGS). DGS systems are the most popular turbine shaft seals. They can be used for almost all kinds of equipment where there is a necessity to seal rotating shafts usage is predetermined by the vast range of economic and ecological advantages comparing with traditional systems of shaft end seals:

  • Elimination of oil leakages carried away into the flow channel
  • Elimination of losses caused by oil substitution
  • 10 times decrease of working gas losses due to ceasing of its flushing from oil traps and degasifier
  • Reduction of payment for emission (standard and above-standard)
  • Increase of working gas quality due to oil content elimination
  • Ceasing of energy consumption needed for operation of sealing oil pumps
  • Ceasing of energy consumption needed for oil degasification
  • Decrease of time loss for DGS system maintenance
  • Decrease of time loss for equipment downtime because of seals
  • Decrease of losses for power and gas excessive consumption resulted from off scheduled downtime due to the seals fault
  • Increasing of ecological cleanness
  • Better exploiting conditions
  • Increasing of fire and explosion safety