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ON/OFF & Manual Valves

Intervalve 3-Pc Floating design Ball valves #800, Regular / Full Port Floating design

  • 3-Piece swing-Out Design, Easy In-line Maintenance.
  • ISO 5211 Mounting Pad Allows for mounting of actuator.
  • Maintenance free live loaded double sealing stem packing ensures high cycles life and positive sealing.
  • Blow-Out Proof Stem.

Intervalve 2-Pc Floating design Ball valves #150,#300 Regular / Full Port Flange ends

The IV range of floating valve incorporates unique design features to provide a rugged construction, reliable operation and long service life. It is suitable for normal to most demanding applications covering wide segment of process industries such as chemical, petrochemical, pharma, steel, alumina,  power plants and common utilities.  An ideal valve for the flow isolation and ON / OFF duty.

V Ball valves come with double body & stem seal to ensure reliable sealing. Valves can be provided with special features like, Locking arrangement, Special cleaning for oxygen service, Extended stem /  bonnet, Vacuum service, Jacketing, Fire safe construction etc.

Valves can be provided with Gear box / Pneumatic actuator / Electric actuator wherever required.

Intervalve – General Purpose Rubber lined Butterfly valves

A real workhorse from the IV stables, IVGK model Butterfly valve incorporates the optimum design features to provide long trouble free service in the field. This general purpose soft seated Butterfly valve has a fully rubber lined single piece body with centric disc construction and is available in wafer type body pattern.

The body liner which also functions as the soft seat, comes in either a replaceable version or an integrally molded (bonded) version and offers 100 % bi-directional sealing against vacuum to rated pressure of PN10 or PN16.

The wafer style body has universal design to fit between pipe flanges of almost all popular flange standards.

Intervalve's PTFE lined Butterfly valve

Intervalve's PTFE lined Butterfly valve model IVTFE provides an optimum solution to the corrosion problems encountered by the chemical process industries with conventional Butterfly valves. The PTFE seat liner covers the entire wetted surface of the body and extends on to the flange contact faces, thus eliminating possibility of any media contact with the body metal.

The circularly moulded full  back up elastomer and live loaded disc shoulder sealing ensures bubble tight closing of the Valve with zero shaft leakage. The valve is adaptable for ON / OFF as well as control duty and can be fitted with actuators and accessories as required to meet the specific duty conditions.

Intervalve High Performance Butterfly valve

The ultimate in high performance Butterfly valves, IV's IVEX - series incorporates the 'state of the art' valve technology to out perform the competition. The double offset disc design nearly eliminates the seating wear due to the camming action of the disc during closing. The mechanical stopper provided on the valve body ensures precise valve closing every time to ensure specified seat tightness. The disc has a spherical profile and comes out of contact with seat in the initial opening itself.

The valve is available with 3 distinctly different seat design versions, viz. Soft seated, Fire safe and Metal to Metal seated with wafer or wafer lugged body option.

The valve has excellent throttling characteristics with good low flow control capability, which offers an inherently higher rangeability. This feature of IVEX series makes them ideal for the flow control / modulating duties. The fire safe version, IVEX - F model has been fire tested and certified as per the requirements API 607 standard by Lloyd's Register of Shipping & API 607 Edn. V by Bureau Veritas and TUV.

EL-O-Matic Pneumatic Actuators

  • Double Acting Actuator
  • Single Acting Actuator
  • Actuator with steel housing
  • Actuator with 180° rotation
  • Three position Actuator
  • Limit stops in the end caps
  • Actuator with + 3° or - 3° extra travel

HORIZON Lined Ball Valve 25 - 100

HORIZON fully high performance ball valves are engineered for reliable isolation and control of extremely corrosive, hazardous and high purity process liquids and gases. Designed using industry's pertinent specification as a minimum requirement, HORIZON valve incorporate the highest standards of fundamental engineering principles, quality and safety that are essential in assuring reliable performance. Designed in accordance with ANSI 16.10 lb face to face dimensions, HORIZON valves are routinely used as direct replacments for massive, high torque and difficult to maintain plug, gate and ball valves. The low torque feature, which has been tested to be as much as 66% less than in lined plug valves result in easier manual operation, reduced priping stress and considerably lower automation cost.