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Positive Displacement

Milroyal D

The MILROYAL® series metering pumps are the most reliable, industrial-duty metering pumps for critical processes in industries such as oil and gas, chemical and petrochemical processing, Drag Reducer Agent (DRA), and industrial water treatment.

mROY Series

mROY series metering pumps are controlled-volume, hydraulically-actuated diaphragm pump that are designed for consistent chemical delivery. Its compact design contains a plunger that reciprocates at a fixed stroke, displacing a fixed volume of hydraulic fluid and thereby actuating a flexible, chemically inert PTFE diaphragm to create the pumping action. Designed to meet global industry standards, these pumps provide accurate dosing of a broad spectrum of fluids. mROY metering pumps are built to run continually all year long with preventative maintenance, leading to decades of consistent performance.


PRIMEROYAL metering pumps are versatile, reliable pumps that consistently and accurately inject chemicals. They feature a compact, variable eccentric drive that changes the stroke length by repositioning the center of the shaft in the eccentric. PRIMEROYAL range provides accurate dosing of a broad spectrum of fluids used in many industrial processes due to their modular design which offers several types of liquid ends, capacity control and other configuration options to meet the specific requirements of your process application.


Designed for your most critical industrial processing needs, the Megaroyal process pump provides reliable, leak-proof performance in a minimal footprint. The compactness of the Megaroyal makes an easy integration on O&G offshore platforms and FPSO.

The PTFE double diaphragm technology used to provide a large array of chemical compatibility with the process fluid. Megaroyals are used also in many industrial markets, such as the plastic industry and chemical industry. The Megaroyal is a reliable pump with 8 years of continuous improvement.

The monobloc triplex (3 heads dephasing alternately every 120° rotation) is designed for low pulsating applications. The Megaroyal series can be customized for special applications with viscous products and/or with heating jackets for high temperature applications.

M Series

M Series is a Controlled-volume metering pumps and customized solutions that maximize uptime and lower maintenance costs. These pumps have an Epoxy coated aluminum housing and facilitate stroke adjustment by cam and spring return mechanism.

Optional automatic control (stroke length/speed) is also available. They are provided with composite Fluorofilm diaphragm for reliable and leak proof operation.

Liquid end options PP, PVC, PVDF & SS 316

GB Series

GB series are designed for low pulsations (without hydraulic shocks) and have few mechanically moving components, which reduce the maintenance cost significantly.

These pumps facilitate stroke adjustment by variable eccentric and are also capable of providing precision stroke adjustment by lockable micrometer.

GB series pumps are provided with superior imported Gylon diaphragm for longer life and require oil bath lubrication for all drive components.